Thursday, January 28, 2010


waaaa!!!!!! how can i forget that fateful night....that was my first bike and my first accident. i was riding the bike and my friend was sitting in the pillion.that day actually i was feeling very nervous, i don't know what happened to me . suddenly i saw some girls standing on the way, watching us so we started watching them...i started thinking is this love since many people told me so much about a girl and a boy u know(about love) i lift my hand from the steering in order to impress them u know..they were looking at me as if they r trying to seduce me u know with their big eyes waw ... the car in front of me was going along suddenly stopped , then i brake strongly with all my energy but what to do may be it was my destiny to hit the car,we felt down the person i hit was more concerned about me he said he was fine it didn't even hurt his car but i think i totally wrecked his car...then suddenly i thought of my fren he was lying on the other side of the road saying aaah!! nooo!! don't c'mon, i hardly understand what he was saying so i took him in my shoulder then many people gather around us they even helpd us in all the possible thankful to them....The End

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My First Fight

I was around 14 years old and i was going to see my uncle with my cousin , it was almost dark so me and my cousin took a short cut, on the way there was a boy who started teasing my cousin. she started weeping , i got angry, this is the age of built up anger and frustration of being made fun of her so i snapped him on the face...he punchd me back,both of us started holding each other eventually we r trying to hurt each other in all the possible way (touching private parts) was really a tense situation ..............we were rolling on the dirt , seen us fighting my cousin cried so loudly that she even threatened to tell our parents.... suddenly we stop fighting and i took my cousin went straightly to my uncle's house was really a worst experience on my behalf.....that fight was on the air for more than 3 months since my parents and his parents came to know about it......... after that incident if i come home late my parents scold (fire ) me a i know wat fight actually is????? so my advice will be dont fight ......